Art Direction   Design   Code

The Goal

After the Parkland shooting, two friends and I felt compelled to pull our skills together to create something to support the movement of gun sense legislation. As we saw students lead this push, we concieved of WeCan.Vote, a mock election for those who are 18 and under. We pitched this idea to Parkland students to see if they found it empowering and meaningful. With their affirmation, we got to work. My specific responsibilities were designing and coding the site.

Digital Activism Tool

Side Project with Frank Garcia

and Giulia Magaldi

The site highlights members’ of Congress stance on gun sense issues. The most succinct way to reflect this information is NRA ratings. Therefore, we chose to show every politician’s NRA rating as well as how they are currently polling in our election. Users can learn from this information and then submit their vote.

We partnered with several youth led movements to share our site with students. One of our partners, March on NRA, protested at the NRA headquarters in early August with sister marches all over the country. WeCan.Vote had voting stations at nearly every march. While kids at these marches were being turned away by the voter registration stations, we were able to capture their voice.