Art Direction   Design  

The Goal

Dos Equis asked Droga5 to add an augemented reality (AR) extension to our Interesante campaign, which is centered upon ridiculous half truths. I led the team’s ideation as we adapted our campaign story to 3D. This included educating the team about the constraints of AR technology and how to creatively solve for them. We collabored closely with our production partner Shazam AR. Ultimately we decided to create a Tiny Abraham Lincoln to share 3 totally, 100%, completely, true interesante vignettes about his life.

Campaign Creative

AR Experience

Brand Collaboration

Dos Equis dictated that our AR experience would be an integrated within the Shazam app. Since Shazam has millions of active users, it gave us a large reach. With this added benefit came a challenge– we were asking users to use a new AR feature. We therefore leaned heavily into our quirky Interesante narrative and personality to draw users to our experience.

I collaborated with Shazam’s team to learn about their AR capabilities. I learned their their AR does not have edge detection and relies on users to scan branded visual targets to render the 3D model. Our targets would be on anything from coasters to table tents to signage during the campaign. To accomodate the constraints and flexibility, we designed a floating Abe and locked him to the user’s phone axis.