Girls Count

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The Goal

The ONE Campaign approached Droga5 to help gain public support for a global fund pledging to send 40 million more girls to school by 2020. Governments needed to sign a bill to give the necessary funding. We answered ONE’s request by creating a user generated content campaign. By making the public’s support visible, we would show politicians how to vote when the bill arose. We had users film themselves counting a number between 1 and 130 million, each number representing a girl who could not go to school.

Digital Tool

UGC Campaign

Anthem Film

I wanted to ensure that selecting a number to count was as simple as possible. Working closely with the user experience team, I created several early prototypes that helped solve which features to include in our site. I then worked on the design system, ensuring the UI was minimalist and easy to navigate.

Tap to watch a Count Video

Upon recording a video, a watermark was added with the number that was counted. Videos could then be shared on social media to make support even more visible. Videos were created by users all over the world from Nigeria to Brazil to Japan. Later that year, the bill was presented to the US Senate by Marco Rubio and later passed. Due to the success of Girls Count, ONE Campaign continues to use it as an active platform.