Chase Pay

Design   Motion   Consulting

The Goal

Chase Pay is Chase Bank’s entrance into mobile payment. Chase came to Droga5 to help develop the UI and features of the app. Droga has played the role of design consultant as the Chase team develops new features, iterates on the design, and tests the app in key markets. Droga5 has owned the advertising as well. We created a personable, illustrative campaign in order to educate the 60 million US Chase card holders about this new product.

Mobile Payment App

App Launch

Educational collateral

I worked closely with the Chase team to ensure their UI and user flows are as clear as possible. Throughout the partnership, I have worked on several improvements, such as the addition of a confirmation state after paying. I also worked on building the templated assets to allow for maxiumum content flexibility.

Illustration was the clearest and most memorable way to convey the complex capabilites of the app such as paying with points, ordering food ahead, and paying for gas. I created the early motion tests of our Chase Pay characters interacting with the app. Our illustration and motion design was such a success in market that they will be incorporated into the second version of the app, which is launching later this year.