Art Direction   Design   Prototype

The Goal

A coworker and I created an Augmented Reality (AR) version of charades in order to experiment with AR. We specifically focused on webAR, the application of AR within a browser rather than an app, an emerging area of AR that is still in development. We were fueled by the belief that once AR can be accessed in browser, it will truly become scalable and part of our everyday life. We iteratively designed, coded, and tested our prototype to learn from our hypotheses. Ultimately, we developed a charades game where the topics are magically revealed through AR.

Internal Prototype with

Chloe Karayiannis

webAR / AR Research

We took an agile approach to our process, continually developing in 3D, code, graphic design, and user experience. We were constantly testing our latest versions in a coded prototype to learn what was successful. I was specifically responsible for the development of the prototype, the user flow, user journey, and UI design.

Interestingly enough, when we tested the experience with children, they immediately picked it up. Our young audience had such ease with AR and overall eagerness. In contrast, our adult audience needed clear instructions, game setup, and our guidance. The different reaction was very telling about Generation Z’s– now roughly 26% of the population– relationship to this technology. They have grown up with catching virtual Pokemon around their home as the norm. Not only were they ready for our AR game, they almost were expecting it.