Design   Motion   Prototype

The Goal

Just in time for Halloween, we released a spooky website to summon Beyoncé’s spirit. Yes, of course. The website beckons you to ask Beyoncé your deepest burning questions and subsequently answers you via ouija board with Bey-ified answers. We also added some simple AI to the queries to create relevant answers. Through visuals, motion, and music, we aimed to capture Beyoncé’s essence, while alluding to a séance. In collaboration with my partners, I designed the site and was the sole developer.

Digital Experience

Side project with April Pascua,

Fati Jafri, and Toga Cox

I created the animations in the site with a combination of code and After Effects– everything from the subtle details of the icons to the glamour videos of Beyoncé’s hair flowing and candles flickering. Lots of care was taken to establish the overall eerie supernatural tone. Animating the ouija board's planchette was particularly challenging as it married trigonometry with the art of motion design.

Within a few hours of releasing the site, the Beyhive and internet gods had already found it. Time Magazine wrote an article, “Let the Spirit of Queen Beyoncé Tell You Your Past Present and Future With This Flawless 'Beyonséance.’” Shortly thereafter, Refinery 29 got wind of it as well and published an article. The site continued to make it’s way across the internet fueled by hyped users sharing their questions and answers with Beyonseancéance.